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IMEXIN provides services in the following areas:

  • Professional Training Examination
  • Corporate Training
  • Consultancy services
  • Research and developments
  • Sponsored conferences, workshop, symposia and seminars
  • Award programmes
  • Sponsored documentaries
  • Production of periodicals, books, magazines & journals

Membership of the Institute is open to the public, individual and corporate provided such applicants posses the required qualifications for membership conditions for admission to membership are contained in the syllabus of the Institute.

A: Individual Membership
Individuals are admitted into membership of the Institute based on qualifications and strictly on examinations are prescribed by council from time to time. The individual membership and the designatory letters they are entitled to use after names are as follows: .

  • Fellow: Fimex
  • Full member: Mimex
  • Associate: Aimex
  • Graduate Member: Gimex

Associates: have voting rights in the affairs of the Institute but can not aspire to be elected to Council while full members and fellows have voting rights and can aspire to be elected to council.
Student Member: A candidate shall be regarded as a student member if he is enrolled as a full time or part time student of the institute and has satisfied the council that he is a fit and proper person to be enrolled in the register of the institute.
Honouary member: This shall be a person who has been in continuous employment of a reputable commercial organization as an Importer or Exporter for a period of not less than 45 years preceding the date of his application to the Institute for registration as an Honourary member.

B. Corporate Membership:
This consists of companies, which engage in International Business in Nigeria, which at the date of application, employ not less than 25 persons and satisfy the rules and regulations as prescribed the institute.
Corporate membership is categorized into placement and category which depends on the annual turnover of the organization.

Membership routes:
i. Professional Stages-6 levels
ii. Accelerated Graduates Membership Programme (AGMP) for Graduate of related disciplines.
iii. Master’s Membership Programme (viva-MMP) for MBA/M.Sc degree holders to Associate membership of the institute.
The Objectives of the programme include amongst others:
• To enhance professionalism of MBA or M.Sc Degree holders in international business
• To widen their knowledge base
• To promote dynamism and practicability in a fast changing global environment
• The course is being directed by seasoned professionals.

iv. Direct membership programme (DMP)
Direct membership of the Import and Export Institute is designed for Captains of Industries, chairmen, MD’s, CEO’s GM’s, Managers and key officers in various Organizations with minimum of first degree in various disciplines and five years cognate working experience.

Training Focus:
1. Small & Medium Scale import and export
2. Large scale import and export
3. Import & Export Brokerages
4. Transport & Logistics Management
5. Hospitality & Tourism Management

Prospects for Members:
Professional/Importers & Exporters are highly placed in government parastatals and industries. Members of the institute are top Executive in various companies. They are Managing Directors, Chief Executives, General Managers and top Board room players. The institute assists members to secure gainful employment through the membership drive and retention committee. They are assisted to further their education in Import & Export Management and related disciplines. Unemployed members are advised to place their curriculum vitae on the “Employment File” at the Institute.

Being a bonafide member of the Import & Export Institute opens the Door of Opportunities:
 Opportunity to be a licensed import and export broker.
 Job opportunities in International operations department of any organization
 International Exposures on import and export potentials and market.
 International membership of oversea Import/ Export bodies in UK, USA, SOUTH AFRICA, CANADA etc.
 Technical export helpline and advice,
 Import and export membership networking opportunity to attend Local, branch, national and international meetings and events in Nigeria and overseas in conjunction with our technical partners.
 To promote professionalism and self reliance in serving corp. members.
 To provide regular information on international business training.
 Opportunity for corporate organizations to advertise their product and services in the Institute’s Journal and that of it’s affiliates.
 Partnership arrangement with the Institute on income generating businesses.
 To provide up to date information on Exportable and Importable Products & Services
 Provide links with Import-Export concerned Authorities
 Opportunity for corporate organizations to enjoy the services of the Institute at reduced affordable prices viz – a – viz:
- consultancy Services
- Seminars, Workshops and Conferences
- Research and Development
- Feasibility Study and Business Plan

The institute has a well stocked library for use by members and students. The library is located within the institute’s secretariat. It operates both lending and reference facilities. Reading spaces are also provided.

The Institute produces the following periodic publications:
(a) “Global Biz Circle”, the official journal of the Institute which provides valuable information about the institute’s activities and also a reference material on International business and related global issues to the general public.
(b) Register of Practitioners”, which lists the name, address and other information about members.
(c) The “Importer & Exporter” Newsletter

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