To breed world-class Import – Export practitioners and redefine International trade business in Nigeria and Africa.


To promote high Professional standard, regulate and continuously enhance member’s ethical standards and technical competence towards achieving economic development.


  • To provide training and awareness programmes for the public on Import and Export practices in Nigeria.
  • To initiate what standard of knowledge and skill to be attained by persons seeking membership of the institute and reviewing such standard from time to time as circumstances may require.
  • To build upon our member’s achievement to create a strong, proactive and leading edge profession, ready to meet the challenges of an increasingly fast-moving and dynamic global business environment.
  • To provide education and training programmes to enhance the import and export performance of its members.
  • To organize workshops, seminars and conferences.


The import and export Institute is working to become the only Professional Body responsible for man power development, continuous training and education of people involved in International trade, freight forwarding, shipping, import, export and International marketing. The dynamic nature of International trade, the internet revolution and globalization has made it compulsory for the government, public and private corporations and organizations to employ qualified practitioners, managers and academicians to manage their import and export positions and profiles.
There is a shift in the economic policy of Nigeria to concentrate on non oil export, tourism, sports and services. There is the great need for the government to commission exports practitioners and qualified professionals to conduct research necessary to sustain the economy of Nigeria and Africa over a long period of time.

Needless mentioning that the potentials of Nigeria are so enormous that the government must commission the Institute researchers into realizing the great non-oil potentials of Nigeria. This is abundant in all the states of the Federation, from Groundnut, palm kernel, fish, coal, gold, cocoa, sugarcane, cassava, mango, guava, pawpaw, to sports, services man-power, hospitality and tourism. These abundant resources must be exploited, packaged and exported to earn the desired foreign exchange in Nigeria. The potentials must be harnessed and trained. The vibrant Institute is willing to collaborate with all relevant government agencies and partner with the government on how the export potentials of Nigeria will be realized and the benefit used for the infrastructural development of Nigeria as outline by this present Administration and all the relevant State government and agencies.

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The Governing Council of The Import & Export Institute steered by an able astute and seasoned professional manager with wealth of experience in the industry. The President and Chairman in Council is eminent personality in person of MR. OSISANYA SEGUN.
He was a former Registrar of the Prestigious National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, a good scholar both home and abroad, a member of many meaningful and respected professional Bodies both locally and internationally. He is a member of the Institute of Export U.K. He is being supported in the council by people of distinct dignity, professional and seasoned trained scholars with vision.

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